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Oh, Now What?!

Busy weekend, what with all the packing and cleaning so here's the quick version:

EDIT: and the letting agent is being a knob. They asked for the guarantor's drivers' license, got it and are now asking for photo ID.

She's a frigging guarantor; what are they planning to do with all this information, empty her accounts and go live in the bahamas?

Glenn Beck is still a nutter; however, he's heading into the kind of depths usually reserved for freaky, mountain-sized squid and other abominations of undersea life.

Google Wave may be out this month. Cool. This guy is taking on chiropracters after the chiropractic association sued a doctor for pointing out that their claims were bunk. Every little helps. Here's a fun piece on Microsoft that I found while looking for someone else; planting stories and giving journos alignments. Orcinus (who I really should read more), says what I've been thinking recently about the US's right wing crazy.

Here's another reason against US healtchare as it is - Pfizer is charged billions for selling stuff as a cure for something it's really not. Thinkprogress picks up on US torture, while doctors may have been doing experiments on CIA detainees. The White House is worried about liberal pressure to end the war in Afghanistan before Obama can show signs of fixing things. Dude, just give it up. As Fisk points out, it doesn't work like that.

Here's a nice blog piece on 'fairness' in journalism, a practice which deserves all the criticism it gets.

Right, off to the post office. Long day ahead, I suspect