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[Summer] Well, that was boring

So, between nearly a month without internet (when I was in Carlisle), the freaking out over projects because my university business dept is staffed by apes and the thrill of moving, it hasn't been an awesome summer and there's a ton of stuff I still need to do.

And uni starts on the 5th.  Typically, the timetable isn't up yet, even though it should have been up yesterday.

With uni coming up I've had enough with trying to run the Ubuntu NBR on my notebook as it doean't actually fit my 4 gig unit, so I've been trying alternatives.  Firefly impresses in looks, but the internet doesn't work.  Puppeee just didn't really work (don't know why).  Linux4one's wi-fi manager didn't really work either, so I'm trying Xubuntu. 

See how that pans out.