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Well, I was supposed to interview mark Thomas last night after his show It's the Stupid Economy, but we were both kind of tired afterwards and it frankly made more sense to hold off until after he's finished off with the policy debate on Saturday afternoon. 

Even then it still took two hours to get home, with us crawling into bed after midnight.

The gig itself was excellent though, adding the usual mix of crazy activist stories with observations and manifesto ideas.  Sadly to say, mine - bring in Waldorf and Stadler (from The Muppets) to provide commentary for the House of Commons (co-thought with my lovely fiancee), revoke the charters of corporations that commit major crimes and somethign I can't remember - didn't get in. 

One of the most popular policies (leave Afghanistan, put Blair on trial and give Jerusalem back to the Palastinians) was hugely popular, with the old Iraqi guy who did it partically taking over the show! 

The Daily Hate Mail has picked Iain Dale as a target for sneering homophobia.  I can't say that I'm actually surprised by this, but it's one of those things where I'm torn; I don't care for either party involved, but then this behaviour is unacceptable.  I guess a complaint is necessary.  EDIT: and sent. 

Also, I think he may be in the wrong party, given Cameron's european allies' attitudes towards gay people...

Krugman makes an old (but always worthy) point today: it's Reagan's fault

Charlie Brooker has followed up the Screenwipe series with Gameswipe.  It's fun, go watch it.

As my Oblivion and Morrowind discs don't work, I capitulated and bought them off Steam.  While I know I'm terrible at sticking to blogs (there's too much to do in the world!) I'm thinking of doing blogs covering my adventures in both worlds. 

So, I ask - would anyone be interested in them?