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Damn, been a while...

I blame the rush that is Uni.  My timetable (which puts me in late on my days in, including 6-9 on Tuesday), plus long commuting (anything up to 2.5 hours in either direction), plus post-lesson socialising, isn't helping. 

OK, here's the whirlwind tour:
  • I am now joint Features Editor for the Uni's shitrag, the Vervezine.  I am currently doing a piece on London Met's financial crisis that I thoroughly expect to piss off the Powers That Be.
  • I have been learning to exercise the power of my Press Pass, thus going to a burlesque night this weekend via the guest list.  Sweet! (Obviously, this is for the very serious purpose of reviewing the pub and the group putting on the show.  It's not about getting a free night out and oogling titties.  The Vervezine needs a kick up the bum, a little more, well, verve, and I intent to deliver on that.) 
  • Our little coterie has started hanging out at The Gaff, an excellent pub on Holloway.   The decor rocks, they have this awesome 7.5% pear cider and constantly put on gigs.  Oh, and they have a Guitar Hero arcade machine.  It's my new Happy Place.
  • The Mrs and I really aren't spending enough time together.  Our situation seems to have reversed from a few years ago, with me always at uni, while she has little to fill her week.  I feel like we've drifted apart a little, and don't like it.  But she's skint, doesn't like me paying and I simply can't sit and watch TV for long periods (I can play computer games, but not watch TV; I fgure it's because games have at least some response element).  I'm not sure how to deal with it, basically.
  • still haven't gotten this sodding FS Larp off the ground.  That sucks.  It has to be done, but being on top of everything else means that it always gets pushed back.  I have to do something about this.
  • I'm playing The Witcher.  It's fun and quite like WFRP in tone.
  • I was quite shocked yesterday to discover that most of the class (and this is people taking journalism, FFS) didn't know about this week's strike action.  What the hell, people?
  • I got Fresher's Flu yet again, and am now quite behind on my work.
  • I have paradise Lost's new album.  And it's not particualrly good, unfortunately.