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That's a Stasi uniform, by the way.  In order to show how to argue, he dresses like a member of a repressive state organ.  That's his idea of a winning argument?

I'm confused.  The book's site looks like some kind of Colbert-esque satire of extremist right-wing fucknuttery, but the main site looks legit. 

Just...wow.  I mean, the big problem with someone like that writing a book about 'arguing with idiots' is that...well, he is one.  For example, here is him trying to avoid answering what he meant when he called Obama 'racist'

Actually, I have a problem with him writing a book full stop.  After all, Glenn Beck can't spell...

What annoys me more is that he thinks he's this guy: 

That guy got chewed up for telling his truth, then shot by the network in order to save ratings.  Glenn Beck doesn't even come close.

Of course, I know Beck is an attention-seeking fucktard, like the child who smears poo everywhere to get attention.  But I'm worried that his viewers don't know this.  


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Oct. 17th, 2009 02:03 pm (UTC)
Just as a heads-up, you spelled pretend "pretents" in the title and called him "Gelnn" in the last section. (Feel free to delete this comment!)
Oct. 17th, 2009 02:13 pm (UTC)
Ah fuck; serves me right for getting up too early this weekend (not that I have a choice). Thanks for the catch.

And I'm not going to delete the comment; I'm quite happy to admit my mistakes (well, the ones that won't get me lynched, anyway...). I'm only humanoid, after all, and certainly not the one who's typoes will be seen by more than three people, anyway.

I still can't get the uniform though. I may actually have to get someone to explain that to me...
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