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Seeking Oblivion

It's been a busy month overall.  As joint Features Editor (and still submitting some 6 pieces, ranging from short reviews to a two-page interview with comedian and activist Mark Thomas) I've pretty much been run off my feet, especially as I can spend up to three hours a day commuting.

As such, I have a lot of work to catch up on, which is never fun.  So I'm pulling back by shifting to Sub-Editor for the rag (it's easier to mark other people's stuff than write your own, although the university crisis is still my thing as I'm the only person with a real handle on it). 

My biggest worry is that I'm falling too far behind in Mandarin. 

My method of relaxation at weekends (ie, when I still have to get up early) has been Oblivion.  It's pretty interesting this time round, because I have a better hang of the system, allowing me to drop the usualswordfighter and be a proper fighter, alchemist, sneak and magic user.  It's far more interesting, and hunting becomes a lot easier when you can dispense hunting with a bow in favour of roasting deer with fireballs! 

Seeing as I don't have much useful to say, I'm just gong to link some blogs I've been watching (in no partilular order):