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Running on fumes

The last few weeks of uni have been taking a serious toll.  Most days I'm out early and not back until about 8-10pm. 

It doesn't help that the Student Council has sat for two seperate four-hour sessions and yours truly covered them.  (It's 'my baby' apparently, which means I'm the only one who knows what's going on/cares enough to go). 

On the upside I've started swimming and intend to go about 3 times a week to get fitter (I've given up hope of ever really being fit and have opted for 'knowing too much' instead). 

The other bad news is that I'm well behind on my Mandarin - a hard enough language without having little things like 'getting articles out' or 'directing my news team'. 

Yes, I have a news team; it's the least popular (and poulated) out of all of them (I'm disgusted at how popular fashion and sports were.  Damn kids today, don't care about nuffin' important).  On the one hand I think it says a lot about where papers are going, but on the other hand I would rather a small team of dedicated people than a large and uninterested one.  

On the upside, I've seen the previews for the new look Vervezine and they're sodding wonderful.  And that's why you get a qualified Frenchman to do these things, who was also sweet enough to bring back a tin of home-made goose fat from his homeland.  Roast potatoes all round!  

Gods, I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Chill out, play a bit of Oblivion, do some cleaning and maybe even do something about that Fading Suns LARP (yeah, right).