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I Am A Passenger

Last Saturday I dropped into central London for a few things; the new Qin book, Thousand Suns: Foundation Transmissions and a Judge Dredd audiobook.

The Qin book is a present so I haven't looked at it, but the TS book is pretty cool. The articles come from new writers so the prose can be a little 'Japanese stereo instructions', but the contents are good enough. And the Dredd CD is awesome.

(in fact, if you want to hear the Dredd one, go here and click on 'I Heart Judge Dredd').

On Tuesday I ended up sitting next to an odious woman. She started off normally enough, complaining about trains, before telling me how it's terrible that polish immigrants who have gone back home can still get English Benefits (yeah, right), and how awesome Australia's immigration policy is. Yeah, right.

I think what finally got me was the part where she said that the Daily Mail was a great newspaper. As a journalism undergrad, I am well aware of how various papers operate, and the Daily Mail does a good impression of a newspaper while still being pretty bad.

Still, her 'everything's gone to the dogs' line got her no sympathy and a comment about how the Greeks used to say that shut her up.

The amusing part was that she was complaining about how badly everything's been privatised and how government chews up money like nobody's business, but her employer was one of the accounting regulars in Private Eye that did very, very well out of consultancy and PFI.

Damn, I was going to go swimming, but it's too rainy to walk there and back...

Globescan did an interesting poll for the World Service. Apparently 19% of Brits think capitalism is irrepairably flawed, while 67% want to see the government take an active role in wealth distribution.