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Election 2010

The deed has been done.  We are to have an election and this time I'm in the country for it. 

Streatham is a Labour seat, with Lib Dems in second. 

So, who's standing for Streatham?
  • In the Labour corner, we have Chukka Umunna, an employment lawyer (he represents employees nowadays), member of Compass and apparently one to watch. 
  • For the Conservatives, we have Rahoul Bhansali, someone who works for a consultancy and helped Boris Johnson's camapign (suddenly I'm losing interest).
  • The Lib Dems have Chris Nicholson, who always likes to be photographed standing next to a bus.
  • The Greens are putting forward Rebecca Findlay.
  • The English Democrats (who, they?) are putting forward Janus Polenceus. 
Well, I'm not voting Tory or English Democrat, so they're out.  I had planned Lib Dem or Green after Labour's wars, bank bailouts and the digital economy bill, but Chukka kind of appeals. 

I shall have to think about this...