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That's a Stasi uniform, by the way.  In order to show how to argue, he dresses like a member of a repressive state organ.  That's his idea of a winning argument?

I'm confused.  The book's site looks like some kind of Colbert-esque satire of extremist right-wing fucknuttery, but the main site looks legit. 

Just...wow.  I mean, the big problem with someone like that writing a book about 'arguing with idiots' is that...well, he is one.  For example, here is him trying to avoid answering what he meant when he called Obama 'racist'

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Damn, been a while...

I blame the rush that is Uni.  My timetable (which puts me in late on my days in, including 6-9 on Tuesday), plus long commuting (anything up to 2.5 hours in either direction), plus post-lesson socialising, isn't helping. 

OK, here's the whirlwind tour:
  • I am now joint Features Editor for the Uni's shitrag, the Vervezine.  I am currently doing a piece on London Met's financial crisis that I thoroughly expect to piss off the Powers That Be.
  • I have been learning to exercise the power of my Press Pass, thus going to a burlesque night this weekend via the guest list.  Sweet! (Obviously, this is for the very serious purpose of reviewing the pub and the group putting on the show.  It's not about getting a free night out and oogling titties.  The Vervezine needs a kick up the bum, a little more, well, verve, and I intent to deliver on that.) 
  • Our little coterie has started hanging out at The Gaff, an excellent pub on Holloway.   The decor rocks, they have this awesome 7.5% pear cider and constantly put on gigs.  Oh, and they have a Guitar Hero arcade machine.  It's my new Happy Place.
  • The Mrs and I really aren't spending enough time together.  Our situation seems to have reversed from a few years ago, with me always at uni, while she has little to fill her week.  I feel like we've drifted apart a little, and don't like it.  But she's skint, doesn't like me paying and I simply can't sit and watch TV for long periods (I can play computer games, but not watch TV; I fgure it's because games have at least some response element).  I'm not sure how to deal with it, basically.
  • still haven't gotten this sodding FS Larp off the ground.  That sucks.  It has to be done, but being on top of everything else means that it always gets pushed back.  I have to do something about this.
  • I'm playing The Witcher.  It's fun and quite like WFRP in tone.
  • I was quite shocked yesterday to discover that most of the class (and this is people taking journalism, FFS) didn't know about this week's strike action.  What the hell, people?
  • I got Fresher's Flu yet again, and am now quite behind on my work.
  • I have paradise Lost's new album.  And it's not particualrly good, unfortunately.

Well, I was supposed to interview mark Thomas last night after his show It's the Stupid Economy, but we were both kind of tired afterwards and it frankly made more sense to hold off until after he's finished off with the policy debate on Saturday afternoon. 

Even then it still took two hours to get home, with us crawling into bed after midnight.

The gig itself was excellent though, adding the usual mix of crazy activist stories with observations and manifesto ideas.  Sadly to say, mine - bring in Waldorf and Stadler (from The Muppets) to provide commentary for the House of Commons (co-thought with my lovely fiancee), revoke the charters of corporations that commit major crimes and somethign I can't remember - didn't get in. 

One of the most popular policies (leave Afghanistan, put Blair on trial and give Jerusalem back to the Palastinians) was hugely popular, with the old Iraqi guy who did it partically taking over the show! 

The Daily Hate Mail has picked Iain Dale as a target for sneering homophobia.  I can't say that I'm actually surprised by this, but it's one of those things where I'm torn; I don't care for either party involved, but then this behaviour is unacceptable.  I guess a complaint is necessary.  EDIT: and sent. 

Also, I think he may be in the wrong party, given Cameron's european allies' attitudes towards gay people...

Krugman makes an old (but always worthy) point today: it's Reagan's fault

Charlie Brooker has followed up the Screenwipe series with Gameswipe.  It's fun, go watch it.

As my Oblivion and Morrowind discs don't work, I capitulated and bought them off Steam.  While I know I'm terrible at sticking to blogs (there's too much to do in the world!) I'm thinking of doing blogs covering my adventures in both worlds. 

So, I ask - would anyone be interested in them?

Been A While...

I know I've neglected this LJ, mostly because I've gotten tied up with the student rag, so when I post cool things it's usually on Twitter (as YorkshireMao) and Facebook.

As for the rag itself, oi vay.  Seriously, they're well-meaning and all, but I realy can't stress just how amateurish it all is.  And, as long as the current team stay in their editorial positions, it's going to stay that way.  


The Week That Wasn't

What a week. 

The weekend and Monday was a rush to get my column out (see the cut); after that I had to fix my laptop and eeepc (I can't get Windows 7 to install on the former and the latter can't find the home network).  Right now I'm back to Vista and it sucks.

And yesterday was an editorial meeting for the uni's rag at the North campus, meaning a two-hour journey each way. 

They've had to extend the deadline again, which gives me until tomorrow to knock out an article or two.  Time to put 'staff writer and commentator' on my CV, I think.  

But here is an important question - did FOX news mentalist Glenn Beck rape and murder a girl in the 90s?  (answer: no idea, but this is exactly how he spread bullshit, and what goeth around cometh around).

The Guardian's Organ Grinder asks an important question - could Question Time work in the US? (Probably not - look at the medic circus that are US predidential debates).

Today I should be running Supernatural, and tomorrow is working to the deadline.

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[Summer] Well, that was boring

So, between nearly a month without internet (when I was in Carlisle), the freaking out over projects because my university business dept is staffed by apes and the thrill of moving, it hasn't been an awesome summer and there's a ton of stuff I still need to do.

And uni starts on the 5th.  Typically, the timetable isn't up yet, even though it should have been up yesterday.

With uni coming up I've had enough with trying to run the Ubuntu NBR on my notebook as it doean't actually fit my 4 gig unit, so I've been trying alternatives.  Firefly impresses in looks, but the internet doesn't work.  Puppeee just didn't really work (don't know why).  Linux4one's wi-fi manager didn't really work either, so I'm trying Xubuntu. 

See how that pans out. 

Oh, Now What?!

Busy weekend, what with all the packing and cleaning so here's the quick version:

EDIT: and the letting agent is being a knob. They asked for the guarantor's drivers' license, got it and are now asking for photo ID.

She's a frigging guarantor; what are they planning to do with all this information, empty her accounts and go live in the bahamas?

Glenn Beck is still a nutter; however, he's heading into the kind of depths usually reserved for freaky, mountain-sized squid and other abominations of undersea life.

Google Wave may be out this month. Cool. This guy is taking on chiropracters after the chiropractic association sued a doctor for pointing out that their claims were bunk. Every little helps. Here's a fun piece on Microsoft that I found while looking for someone else; planting stories and giving journos alignments. Orcinus (who I really should read more), says what I've been thinking recently about the US's right wing crazy.

Here's another reason against US healtchare as it is - Pfizer is charged billions for selling stuff as a cure for something it's really not. Thinkprogress picks up on US torture, while doctors may have been doing experiments on CIA detainees. The White House is worried about liberal pressure to end the war in Afghanistan before Obama can show signs of fixing things. Dude, just give it up. As Fisk points out, it doesn't work like that.

Here's a nice blog piece on 'fairness' in journalism, a practice which deserves all the criticism it gets.

Right, off to the post office. Long day ahead, I suspect



Good Weather Gone

Someone tweeted a Daily Show video from 2005. I was going to post it (a three-person talk on evolution, with a scientist, a Creationist and something called a 'metaphysical theorist', whatever that is). BUt then I found the Back in Black segment from the show:

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Back in Black - Evolution, Schmevolution
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealthcare Protests

"Science gave us erections where before there were none."

The Mrs & I have dipped our toes back into the Legend of the Five Rings CCG. The last time we tried it we found the game to be too long and overy complicated, but we did like the ideas and we decided to give the new, streamlined Celestial edition a spin. We've jumped into the Path Of The Destroyer set (her with Scorpion, me with the Pony Club - uh, Unicorn Clan). The new card designs are lovely, although I have sod all clue what's actually going on in the setting. Mind you, I've never really liked the L5R metaplot or it's pace, after being forced to put up with it through the RPG.

Still, it should be interesting to see how it plays now.

Sky News has put out an offer to chair a debate between the party leaders for next year's elections. Brown isn't interested apparently, but 'Hi I'm Dave' is.

I personally don't care for election debates. I mean, look at what goes on at the dispatch boxes - put-downs, school-boy behaviour and an emphasis on personal attacks over actual stuff. I can't see them pulling their fingers out and doing something worth watching.